GOH Conservative PAC is committed to recruiting and electing courageous conservatives to Congress who will stand on principle and be accountable only to the people who elected them.

Our goal for the upcoming election is to elect 10 new conservative members to Congress. Why ten? Because earlier this year we came so very close to having the votes to force a change for Speaker that would have meant a new, conservative Speaker of the House!!!

If you believe in the following conservative principles, please join our team today:

  • Re-establish National Security and Defense Standards: America's national security and national defense apparatus has been seriously compromised, at home and abroad, by crippling political correctness and partisan agendas that we must stop at once.

  • Balance the Budget: Congress must cut spending. Ending forever the automatic increases in every federal budget every single year and going to a Zero Base-Line Budget with No More Debt Ceiling Raises would be a good start. GOH PAC supports cutting spending, passage of a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget, without raising taxes.

  • Repeal Obamacare: The Obamacare takeover of our lives, our health and our families is destroying the greatest healthcare system in the world. Otherwise, it means rationed healthcare with the government saying who can get what life-saving healthcare. It must be repealed.

  • Secure the Borders: A nation that cannot control its borders is out of control. GOH PAC opposes all forms of amnesty for illegal immigration, just as we fully embrace new Americans from ALL over the world WHO ADOPT OUR DEVOTION TO THE AMERICAN FREEDOMS AND WAY OF LIFE.

  • Defend the 1st, 2nd and 10th Amendments: These Amendments fundamentally protect our liberty, and are under relentless assault by Washington.

  • Stop Corporate Welfare and Bailouts: Preferential corporate treatment and fiscal bailouts force taxpayers to reward failure and punish success. They destroy fair market competition that is the lifeblood of our free enterprise system.

  • Protect Human Life: Human life is an unalienable right from God, infinitely precious, the protection of which is guaranteed to all persons in principle, according to our Declaration of Independence and Constitution — from conception to natural death. On this there must be no compromise.

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