My Patriot Friends,

Despite what you read in the newspaper or watch on television, we CAN restore America and get our country back on a responsible, practical, entrepreneurial road that saves a free America. We CAN secure the border, STOP out of control spending, REPEAL Obamacare, FIGHT terrorism at home and help others to fight it abroad, RESTORE religious liberty, GROW the economy, and most importantly, DEFEND the U.S. Constitution.

You, as a caring American, have helped secure the conservative grassroots, and now we need the manpower to do that in Washington, D.C. That’s why I started GOH Conservative PAC – to recruit and elect COURAGEOUS CONSERVATIVES to Congress who will stand on principle, govern as they campaigned and be accountable ONLY to the people who they represent.

To restore this great nation and get us back on track, I am asking for your immediate help.

GOH Conservative is committed to recruiting and empowering congressional candidates across the Country. These are conservative leaders who are willing to stand up to leadership on BOTH sides of the aisle, challenge the status quo, and defend our Constitution.

Our goal for the upcoming election is to elect 10 NEW COURAGEOUS CONSERVATIVES to Congress who will stand up to both Democrats AND Republicans who are confused and marching away from the goals of liberty. Why ten? Earlier this year when we voted on the House floor for Speaker, we came so very close to having a second ballot. To be elected Speaker requires a majority of all those present and voting for a person, any living American adult.


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